Sproutways & Santa Cruz Center of Botanical Studies presents:

Join us in Santa Cruz for an Exclusive gathering
of leading Cannabis and Hemp experts

California Cannabis Summit

May 18, 2019 – Seascape Beach Resort, Santa Cruz, CA

The California Cannabis Summit 2019 is an exclusive event featuring a mix of experienced cannabis and hemp growers, successful farmers in transition to growing hemp and cannabis, leading service providers as well as established businesses looking to understand how to expand into hemp and cannabis.

This inaugural event will include content from some of the leading names in the hemp and cannabis industry, numerous of whom have been in cannabis research for decades. Our speakers have been recruited from the local community by Christopher Carr, one of the leading voices and community leaders in the craft cannabis industry, with insider relationships spanning popular grow regions including Santa Cruz, Humboldt County, Southern California, and even out-of-state. Carr holds the role of Chief Curator at Sproutways, and is also a founder of Santa Cruz Center of Botanical Studies, a community-focused educational initiative. Carr is sometimes better known as the host and chief interviewer on the Cannabis Connection, a popular radio show and podcast covering all things hemp and cannabis.

Come meet the Legends of Cannabis Genetics!

Bodhi Seeds

The man himself

Legendary Genetix


Coastal Seed Co.


Event Speakers and Panelists

We’re still finalizing the full list of speakers for the first annual California Cannabis Summit. The list of speakers is veritable who’s who of thought leaders, cultivators, lawyers, and regulators in the cannabis and hemp industry.

Hezekiah Allen

Former Director, California Growers Association

Mark Denzin

Chief Executive Officer, C2 LLC

Nick Halmos

CEO and Founder, Cityblooms

Gavin Kogan

Co-Founder and Chairperson, Grupo Flor

Scott Krauger

President, BeQuestTech
CEO, WineBestBottle

Matt McClain

Founder & CEO, Recreator

Angus Mills

CEO of Strong Agronomy Management, Inc

Craig Nejedly

Owner, Talking Tree Farms

Len Pisciotta

Owner, Pavatii Pure H2 Organics LLC

Jeff Wille

Owner, Erinco Capital

…More are being announced…

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Don’t miss a rare chance to meet legendary breeders Bodhi Seeds, SnowHigh and Kagyu under one roof on the same day!

Lively panel discussions are planned that will include thought leaders, innovators, and experts in their field. The moderator will shape the conversation and then include questions from the attendees.


The panel of legendary breeders will discuss the breeding process from genetics to clones and how the techniques are changing including the drive to patent highly optimized phenotypes.


What does organic mean today? Do fully organic, indoor growers qualify as craft growers? Are appellations even possible with indoor? With the industry changing below our very feet, this discussion is one not to miss.


Can today’s distribution model survive? How should we, as an industry, think of distribution?

Vertically Integrated

Growers that have adopted the vertical integration model outperform growers who focus on just growing. Does it make sense for all farmers to adopt this model, or creative variations, of it?


Legal and Regulations

For smaller growers, staying on the correct side of the law is frustratingly complex. For larger growers, it’s the same. This panel will discuss how to select, then work a legal team to keep your farm or business in compliance.






… and many more cannabis operators…

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Seascape Beach Resort

We are so pleased that the Seascape Beach Resort will be the site of our Summit. Located just south of Santa Cruz off Highway 1, overlooking the beautiful coast, Seascape Beach Resort is recognized as one of California’s top coastal conference centers.

With 17 miles of Monterey Bay beach to explore, spacious all-suite accommodations, delicious fine dining, and a full range of activities to choose from, Seascape is the premier Santa Cruz luxury resort. Seascape provides everything to make your Santa Cruz lodging experience memorable, including a host of resort options and amenities. It all adds up to being one of the best Monterey Bay resort destinations you’ll experience.

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About the Organizers


Sproutways brings an open framework to the cannabis and hemp industry. For the longest time, the market has been shrouded by a culture of prohibition. While the global legalization of cannabis and hemp is well underway, the legacy of secrecy is impeding the rapid growth of these markets. Sproutways intends to unlock the value of these markets by taking an open approach to the market. We offer our growers and ecosystem members an open education center, open marketplace and open transaction platform to drive out mistrust and inefficiencies and help our members capture value.

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Santa Cruz Center of Botanical Studies

The Center serves as the first Cannabis and Essential Oil educator in the country providing science-based education about medicinal plants and how to harness their essence for restorative and therapeutic uses with clear and accessible live seminars and online courses.

Our goal is to empower communities with exclusive industry insights and trade best practices from professional experience in order to be self-sufficient in facilitating health and wellness. The Center is focused on preserving the values established in the Compassionate Use Act to elevate expertise & service to communities across the globe.

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